Welcome to my site.

I’ve had a long corporate career in mining/energy/education and worked as a consultant for quite a few years. These days I am devoting myself to acting. I’ve done heaps of courses at NIDA Open, and Brave Studios and am an ongoing member at StageMilk Scene Club.

I am based in Melbourne but have lived in Perth and had a few years as a post grad student in upstate New York. Along the journey I somehow picked up four degrees. I studied geology and maths originally, then managed to persuade an employer to help pay for my MBA at Cornell and then over the course of my first mid-life crisis, I studied politics and ended up doing a PhD in political economy.

My goal is to continue working towards being the best actor I can. I like to get involved both in front of and behind the camera and also in managing the ‘business’ of film making. There is so much to learn. If you have a project you would like to work on with me please make contact.